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Birth Date: 1 Mar 2009
Registry: AKC/UKC
OFA: hips good/elbows norm/CERF clear
Fee: $400
Phone: 910-876-2421
Owner: Michael Marshburn
Kennel: none
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Dragon-Slaying Bubba is a JH, currently. Working towards MH. Bubba is black, and about 65 pounds of retrieving drive. He currently has his JH and is working to obtain his MH, ultimately. Visit the website to view his progeny and their accomplishments as well as his. Bubba has a great set of eyes and shows it, having gone on 250+ yard retrieves. His pedigree can be found through the website. EIC Clear/CNM Carrier.
Posted: Jun 2012
Renewed: 7 Aug 2013
Birth Date: 25 Feb 2009
Registry: AKC
OFA: hips good
Fee: $400, negotiable
Phone: 919-671-7126
Owner: Susie Hornor
Kennel: Woodland Acres
Website: none
Winston Cooper Hornor is a proven stud available for your Lab dam. We also provide services for your registered Poodle (Labradoodle) or your Golden Retriever (Goldador) to give you the "designer breed" you are looking for. He weighs 90 lb, with strong head. His color is a creamy, light yellow. His father was chocolate and his mother black. All vaccinations and examinations are up to date. He has a loving retriever personality with an excellent and gentle temperament. To arrange a meeting or to inquire about him please call and ask for Susie or Cody. We are available to travel short distances, staying within the Raleigh area, to meet you.
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Posted: 9 Nov 2012
Updated: 3 Feb 2014
Birth Date: 16 May 2008
Registry: AKC
​OFA:​ none
Fee: $300, POP
Phone: 704-698-7822
Owner: Jordan Crawford
Kennel: none
Website: none
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Chasing Twilight has champion bloodlines. Paperwork on hand. Great personality and instincts.
Posted: 11 Jun 2013
NORTH CAROLINA,​ Lumner Bridge
Birth Date: 2 Aug 2012
Registry: AKC
​OFA:​ none
Fee: $1000
Phone: 910-364-3069
Owner: April Lowry
Kennel: The Creekside Kennel
Creeksides Cool Breeze is a super improved charcoal Lab. He carries yellow, black and chocolate, plus dilute! He is short and stout with a nice blocky head and thick tail! Add some "coolness" to your next litter of puppies! We offer AI on site and shipped semen natural breeding.
Posted: 25 Jul 2013
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Birth Date: 22 Jun 2012
Registry: AKC
​OFA:​ none
Fee: $600, negotiable
Phone: 910-922-6505
Owner: Lina Luongo
Kennel: none
Website: none
Hudson's Hoping For Raleigh is a picture perfect yellow Lab, full of personality and love. He weighs in at about 80 lbs, is extremely smart and well behaved. 
Posted: 17 Sep 2013
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Birth Date: 5 Aug 2009
Registry: AKC
​OFA:​ none
Fee: $350, POP
Phone: 704-279-9153
Owner: Jamie Cook
Kennel: none
Website: none
Rebel the One and Only is a very loving, chocolate Lab.
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Posted: 14 Oct 2013
Birth Date: ​10 July 2011
Registry: AKC
​OFA:​ none
Fee: $600
Phone: 336-880-5574
Owner: Tommy Hazelwood
Kennel: none
Website: none
Mason Thomas Jackson Hazelwood is yellow, weighs in at about 90 pounds and is full of energy. He is a family dog but his offspring have been trained to retrieve and duck hunt. Last litter consisted of chocolate, yellow, and black. Very smart and well tempered boy who loves to run and play. 
Posted: 16 Feb 2014
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